Porvenir Massacre, Archeology Expedition, 2016
Working in conjunction with Historian Glenn Justice, David Keller heads a team of archeologists tasked with recording the Porvenir Massacre Site in the Texas Big Bend. The archeologists are investigating a century-old cold crime scene where fifteen innocent Hispanic men were murdered by Texas Rangers and local vigilantes. However, preliminary findings are placing the prevailing narrative into question. Click here to read full article. 

 Rio Grande Project for Texas Tribune, 2014 
Flash floods, near hypothermia and an overwhelming peace overtook me during a month long expedition down the Rio Grande. For Texas Tribune's Disappearing Rio Grande Project, I accompanied reporter Colin McDonald, traveling 200 miles by canoe between La Junta and Del Rio, Texas documenting the state of the Rio Grande. In addition to environmental inquiries, we documented cultural life on either side of the Tex-Mex border. Like the banks of river itself, the border ebbs and flows with the political tides and climate of the day. Click here to read full article. 

Expedition with Paleontologist Jon Kalb, 2014-2015
A retired geologist with the Texas Memorial  Museum at the University of Texas, Jon Kalb has been visiting the Big Bend for over a decade conducting paleontological surveys. Most notably, he was the co-founder of the International Afar Research Expedition in Africa that recovered the 3.3 million year old Lucy skeleton. Intrigue seems to follow Kalb, from his adventures in Ethiopia to more recent events on the Tex-Mex borer. Click here to read full article.